Unamerican Americans

​Here's what I see as the truth.

If you support progressivism, you are either:

Completely unaware of the history of progressivism.

Or, you are aware, and that makes you unamerican, and against liberty for all. This is a very small amount of people, they are the very intensive militant activists that do the dirty work of the establishment.

I know personally, a lot of people that support the democrat party and a small number that support the GOP leadership. Both of which are progressive.  These people I know personally are good people.  They don't know what they are supporting.  It's just engrained in them to support them.  And it's all because they do not know the history of progressivism.  It's no escuse anymore.  There is too much information out there to be easily found that will show you the truth.  You have to want to look for the roots of what it is you support.  You just have to put out a little work.

The group that knows what they are doing fill the heads of the those that don't know what they are supporting (sheep) with complete lies by using political correctness to pull on heart strings to get you to go along. It's always about kids or what's best for all (the collective). It's political correctness.  They have trained the last few generations to base everything they do off of emotion, rather than logic.  And it's completely logical to them. 

 It's sounds good, I realize that, but look at the fruits of what they tell you. 

They use the Hegalian Dialectic relentlessly.

It's easy to define.  Problem-Reaction-Solution.

They create problems by using fear, and legislation that will never work.  Then they sit back and wait for the reaction. The reaction is almost always the people asking the government to please do something.  Then they do just that, and the solutions are always a loss of liberty for the people, and growth in power of the government.

So, to those I know personally, if you're reading this, start researching the history of progressivism.  You might find yourself believing on the tenets of conservatism and libertarianism.

And don't believe everything they preach to you about conservatives.  Republicans are not conservative.  There are very few real conservatives serving, they are in the Republican party because they had to be.  90% of the Republican party are NOT conservative. The Republicans say they are conservative all the time.  That's to perpetuate the lie.  Even if they don't know they are doing it.  They have evolved over time into progressives. The left tells people that the conservatives are evil, racists, all about big business, etc etc.  That's not conservativism.  That's what today's republican party is. Not conservativism. 

Just do 15 minutes of research a day on progressivism.  Isn't your freedom, or more importantly the freedom of your children, worth that much time? Even if you hate democrats and call yourself republican, do the research.

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