DNC Terms Hispanics as Taco Bowls. No, I’m Serious.

For the very few democrats out there that have an actual brain cell left, what more proof is needed that the elites in the establishment(political, academia, and media) hate people of color?  This party has an entire history of hating people of color. Slavery, Jim crow laws, segregation, stopping civil rights legislation until LBJ could pass it so the democrats could have the black vote forever (ironically it was LBJ that stopped Eisenhowers civil rights bills everytime), eugenics that put in place planned parenthood with intent to rid the nation of black people that they referred to as the weeds of society.  When are people of color going to finally realize that the democrats demonization of conservatives (real conservatives, not the GOP which are the same progressives as the democrats) is a tactic of diversion.  They call the conservatives racist and bigots as a deflection from the fact that they are the real actual racists.  

Wake up you fools!  Being loyal to a party is being loyal to a private corporation.  The parties are not part of the government, they are private companies.  The left rails against corporations all the time hating them for the fact that they have too much control, and here they are supporting the DNC by blindly following their talking point lines, on every issue, by the letter.

You're being played.  Like a fiddle.



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