I am a Marine.  I am an Oathkeeper.  I am a III%er.  I am a Constitutionalist.  I believe in a very limited constitutional Republic.  I am for the sovereignty of this great nation.  I am a proud Texan.  What I am not is an expert.  I am not a professional journalist.  I do not have all the answers.  I am just a really pissed off American that can see things are not right and we are not heading in a direction of Liberty;  we are very far form that.

This website and page is for me to express myself.  I feel that I am not alone.  There are many like me.  What I want for this website and page is to create thought.  Including my own.  I welcome differing opinions.  I welcome healthy debate.  I want good debate.  Let’s show people it can be done without becoming nasty and unproductive.

I have found the past few years is that a lot of the things I believed in the past, aren’t reality.  I have changed points of view on some things, and became emboldened in others due to finding truth.  Truth is my goal.  I will not sacrifice the principles that this country was founded on to “go along to get along”.  I just want to get our country back.

There are things that I will say that will piss everyone off at one time or another.  But always remember to go back to the foundational principle of Liberty.  If you have that as a foundation, we will always have a place to go back to that we agree on, and solutions can be found on everything after that.  It may take some time, and will take effort, but we can get there.  I am not above change, as long as it doesn’t sacrifice the principles.  I believe we can be the change we need.  We just have to find the courage.

I am attempting to find our red line.  What will it take?  Right now, a violent revolution is not in the cards.  We have to continue to try and find the peaceful answer.  Prepare for the worst, but work and hope for the best.  I think civil disobedience in mass, flooding our representatives on all levels with information and protest are the keys, at this time.  If there is to ever be a violent revolution or civil war, we MUST not fire the first shot.  That is key.

Jim Mundy III