Is it Possible to Please Feminists? You Tell me 

This should show you how fake the feminist movement is.

The feminist movement had gone from complaining that there wasn't enough strong female leads in TV and movies to this! Read the article linked at the bottom.  So after years and years of complaining, they get what they want.  And it wasn't a terrible request.  It worked out.  I enjoy TV and movies that have strong female leads.  Well, you have to if you want to watch TV and movies.  Everything now has a strong female lead in it.  You can't turn your TV on without them.  Fine by me, they are usually pretty, good actresses, etc.  

So now that the years of work for the feminist SJWs have paid off, now they complain when they have an exceptionally strong female lead in a super hero movie.  All because she's Israeli??  

Wait a minute, I didn't think the leftists could possibly be bigoted?


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